Weight Equipment Plant is a participant of the exhibition Ural MINING' 19

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14 August 2019

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The company "Factory of the weight equipment" is a major manufacturer of weight measuring equipment:

-         Truck scales;

-         Carriage scales;

-         Conveyor scales;

-         Shockproof platform scales;

-         Tape weight dispensers;

-         Software for scales;

-         Components for scales of any manufacturers;

-         Non-standard weight complexes and industry solutions;

-         Check weights;

-         Metal structures.

Experience and the latest high-tech equipment, allowed the company to achieve a high degree of quality of products. LLC “Weight Equipment Plant”, is owned production and storage facilities, with a total area of 4500 square meters, consisting of production workshops and other facilities.

We have a technical department where qualified specialists work, designing new products and individual orders.

In the manufacture of equipment used only high-quality, certified materials and components for them, which are supplied to us from the factories of manufacturers. All products manufactured by us undergo complete quality control and are certified.

Due to the clear interaction of all departments of the enterprise and the high professionalism of the staff, all orders are executed as quickly as possible and with a guarantee of quality.

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