“RosGeoPerspektiva” is a participant of the exhibition Ural MINING' 18

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08 October 2018

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“RosGeoPerspektiva” group of companies is steadily developing company and holds leading positions at the geological exploration market. The company provides full range of services for subsoil users:

- RC drilling

- Core drilling

- Vibratory rotary drilling

- Hydrogeological drilling

- Drilling of wells for explosion

- Mining works

- Drilling process geological monitoring

- Rotation camps construction

- Mobilisation and demobilization of drilling equipment

- Laboratory study and geophysical study

In more than 20 years of activities, the company implemented more than 70 projects in the territory of Russian Federation and the adjoining states. Seven deposits were included in the RF State balance sheet of Mineral Reserves. The company is engaged in geological study of ore and non-metallic fields in the territory of more than 30 regions including regions with harsh environment and difficult geological conditions.

Today "RosGeoPerspektiva" group of companies has more than 160 pieces of annually updated equipment and qualified staff that works in Russia and in three representative offices in neighboring states. Company management intends to not only gain ground but also develop new streams.

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