RIT Automation is a participant of the exhibition Ural MINING' 18

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10 May 2018

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RIT Automation is the major integrator of the automation solutions for the mining companies that specialize in open pit mining, both in Russia and outside of it. 

Behind the company, there’s more than 10 years of successful partnerships with leading manufacturers of automated management systems (Wenco, MotionMetrics, VEI, Omnicomm, Orlaco and others), which lets RIT Automation to offer the whole specter of services from consulting to implementation and following support of the systems on-site.

The area of automation expertise includes projects on Automated Management of Transport-Shovel Fleet, Automated Management of Drilling and Blasting, Positioning and Activity Dispatching for Mobile Personnel, as well as analysis of the rock fragmentation together with health monitoring for shovel teeth and loaders.

RIT Automation’s subsidiary company Mobilteck designs and manufactures the equipment that is suited for use in oil and mining industries, construction, transportation and logistics, military.

This industrial equipment includes rugged computers and monitors, voltage converters and fuse blocks, rugged all-in-one computers, etc. More than 400 pieces of equipment are already in use on-site of the customers.

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