NETZSCH PUMPS RUS is a participant of the exhibition Ural MINING' 19

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21 October 2019

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A great variety of media must be conveyed in mining, such as wastewater, mineral brine, thickened sludge, suspensions, filtrates, tailing and explosives. The NEMO® and TORNADO® pumps are an ideal solution for abrasive and viscous media.


Mineral slurry transfer of all types

Irrespective of which mineral slurry is needed to be transferred NETZSCH pumps and Systems will select the most appropriate pump for your application. Zinc or copper, NEMO® or TORNADO® pump, there will be no compromise.



High pressure capabilities coupled with a reliable and robust construction ensures water levels are kept in check. As the pumps are able to handle suspended solids, separation can be carried out above ground.



With the compact construction of the BY pumps they can be easily truck mounted for the bore hole filling of tertiary explosives. Equipped with hydraulic drives the pumps can be simply driven without complication.

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