Alexsandra-Plus is a participant of the exhibition Ural MINING' 19

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19 August 2019

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Aleхandra-Plus has a great experience in manufacturing and designing ultrasonic equipment since 2000. Individual approach to each request helps cope with complex and non-standard tasks, consider the entire customer’s needs and integrate equipment into existing operating processes. Its own construction department helps respond quickly to any requirements at all stages: development and design, startup and commissioning as well as equipment operating. Equipment is manufactured in the new workshop with new machinery; welding is performed by highly trained certified professionals. The industrial base and the laboratory allow testing new technologies and rendering engineering support.

   The company holds 25 patents for objects of industrial properties including 17 patents for invention (one is Eurasian). The necessary business permits are available. The company has the quality management system in compliance with GOST R ISO 9001:2015.

Aleхandra-Plus produces a wide range of industrial ultrasonic equipment for different industrial sectors. It designs and produces both separate ultrasonic baths and automated cleaning complexes that can include: ultrasonic cleaning, blasting, electrochemical purification, washing with bubbling technology, drying chamber, automated or semiautomated system for bath baskets movements, swinging system, regeneration system of washing solution and other functions. If necessary, cleaning devices are equipped with touch screen panels providing full control over equipment.  

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