22 February 2019
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In the period from 6 to 8 November an exhibition “Ural MINING ‘19” – the international industrial project of the Ural region in the area of technologies, equipment, special equipment for enterprises of mining-metallurgical complex, existing since 2006 – will be held at “ Ekaterinburg-EXPO”.

With the assistance of:

- Ministry of industry and science of Sverdlovsk region

- Institute of Mining, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

- Institute of Metallurgy, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

- Mining Association of the Ural region

- Union of engineering companies of Sverdlovsk Region

Main topics of the exhibition:
• Mining & minerals exploration;
• Surface & underground mining;
• Production & processing of minerals;
• Transportation of minerals;
• Power supply of mining enterprises;
• Laboratory equipment of mining enterprises;
• Explosive processes and technologies;
• Safety of mining industry;
• Engineering environment protection in mining;
• Construction technology for mining.

In the business program of the exhibition: conferences, seminars, round tables, presentations.

CEOs, directors and engineers of open mining and minerals enrichment companies, underground mining, project works, construction of mining industry facilities, gold mining companies, also representatives of exploration, geodesy, smelting and metals refining companies.

We would be glad to see you among the participants of the XI specialized exhibition «Ural MINING' 19»!

30 October 2018

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The history of  Mogilev “Strommashina” plant began 100 years ago. “Strommashina” is a modern multiprofile machine building enterprise with unique equipment. It specializes in production of manufacturing lines and separate machinery for building materials, concrete sleepers, oil-production and mining equipment, tower cranes.

The plant offers: mining machinery; iron tubbings for underground consolidation; oil-production machinery; manufacturing lines and machinery for ceramic and refractory brick production; manufacturing lines and machinery for cement articles (corrugated  and flat boards, asbestos-and- cement pipes) production; manufacturing lines for prepared roofing paper, glass fibre cloth production; manufacturing  lines for prestressed concrete sleepers, switch bars  production; vibropressing machinery for the side-walk tiles, boarder and wall stones production; machinery for groove-and-ridge plates production;  locks and ironmongery.

23 October 2018

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Mark & Wedell is an engineering and manufacturing company established in 1974. M&W Jawo Handling  designs and builds units and complete systems for representative sampling with calculated precision for granular bulk material for industries worldwide.

Representative sampling is required to make the right decision. Technical decision for process control as well as commercial decision for valuation of a batch of material. Our solutions are compatible with international and national sampling standards for materials like coal, brown coal, lignite, ore, minerals, limestone, cement clinker, solid chemicals, solid biofuels, building materials and electronic scrap.

We provide a full range of equipment for mechanically extraction of samples from a wide range of dry granular materials. Many of these machines take cuts or increments, taken from a moving stream of material and are designed to comply with the requirements and practices outlined by applied standards like ATSM, ISO and many more.

M&W Asketeknik develops and produces sampling and proces monitoring systems for biomass and coal fired power plants worldwide.We provide equipment that measures before the boiler to optimize the fuel flow and after the boiler to optimize the combustion

20 October 2018

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Kurgan Conveyor plant is the leading Russian enterprise to produce conveying equipment.

We have the full – scale production cycle from design to assembly and putting info operation.

We produce belt conveyors, drag-chain conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors and components for them.

17 October 2018

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The SPETSSHINA INTER company the official representative of plants of Triangle, Away and armor on the large-size tire, and also the official dealer of the Bridgestone, Goodyear, Sava companies on the cargo tire.

11 October 2018

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The "AlfaProm" company works more than five years at the market of hydraulics.                                                                 

We project and we manufacture the hydraulic equipment of any complexity and non-standard industrial the equipment of different function. We are engaged in engineering works of various degree of complexity.                                                 

Our team consists of the professionals of the business who are constantly increasing the level and keeping up to date. We are ready to solve the most uncommon problems and to realize any difficult ideas and projects.                                  Considering a current trend in import substitution, start of mass production of the components of hydraulics which are not of a lower quality the western analogs is planned.                                                                                                                   

Trust us the largest enterprises of Russia: RUSAL, ChTPZ, Almetyevsk Pipe Plant, Plant "Elektrokhimpribor", Plant NPO of S.A. Lavochkin, Chusovskaya Steel Works, Industrial Group "Generation".                                                                     

"AlfaProm" - the productive and actively developing company having powerful potential seeking to become the leader in production of the hydraulic and non-standard equipment.

08 October 2018

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“RosGeoPerspektiva” group of companies is steadily developing company and holds leading positions at the geological exploration market. The company provides full range of services for subsoil users:

- RC drilling

- Core drilling

- Vibratory rotary drilling

- Hydrogeological drilling

- Drilling of wells for explosion

- Mining works

- Drilling process geological monitoring

- Rotation camps construction

- Mobilisation and demobilization of drilling equipment

- Laboratory study and geophysical study

In more than 20 years of activities, the company implemented more than 70 projects in the territory of Russian Federation and the adjoining states. Seven deposits were included in the RF State balance sheet of Mineral Reserves. The company is engaged in geological study of ore and non-metallic fields in the territory of more than 30 regions including regions with harsh environment and difficult geological conditions.

Today "RosGeoPerspektiva" group of companies has more than 160 pieces of annually updated equipment and qualified staff that works in Russia and in three representative offices in neighboring states. Company management intends to not only gain ground but also develop new streams.

26 September 2018

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The main research and production activities:

-         Development and manufacture of mining and handling equipment

-         Development and manufacture of mineral processing equipment

-         Development and manufacture of bulk solids handling and storage equipment

-         Development and manufacture of conveyor transport, mining machines, mineral processing equipment control systems

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