21 June 2018

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Sever Minerals is an official distributor of Metso International Corporate Group  and it fulfills full range of activities for supply of equipment, spare and wear parts delivery, warranty and aftermarket services of Metso equipment for the industries applying crushing, screening and ore processing.

Sever Minerals operates according to European standards of corporate governance, has a transparent business structure, and offers advanced services. Every day the company’s specialists perform tasks set by our Customers.

14 June 2018

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Engineering-technological center of Rudprom designs crushing and sorting complexes, using equipment from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers.

To ensure the production of crushing and screening equipment can only in a very large enterprise. The factories that produce factories — that's pretty heavy machinery. So the customer line usually works directly with the manufacturers and with a dedicated engineering technology centre.

Considering budget and possible preferences of the customer, we calculate the quality and quantity scheme and the flow, offer the technological guarantee of the performance of the line and carry over your full engineering responsibility. We do service sold by us lines and are interested in how to foresee and prevent any operational complications.

07 June 2018

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LLC “BTL” (“BelTransLogistic”) is the official dealer of “BelAZ” on the implementation of BelAZ dump trucks and spare parts, professional line of lubricants. As well as provides warranty and maintenance service of dump trucks BELAZ.

24 May 2018

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SNABREMSERVIS is an engineering company, developer and supplier of safety systems for industrial vehicles.

We supply safety systems for commercial and industrial vehicles to the Russian market and work in the field of road safety services. Our solutions are used in their work by miners and builders, logistics, freight forwarders, as well as storage and utility companies.

Since 2012, we have been the exclusive distributor of English company Brigade Electronics in the Russian market.

The engineering department of Snabremservice develops and manufactures its own products: protection of mobile digital recording systems, monitoring system to prevent emergencies in mining.

For 6 years on the industrial equipment market, geography of the company's projects has covered most of the Russian Federation. We care about your safety and are always happy to provide the necessary customer support and service.

17 May 2018

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SCANTECH is a leader in the technologies for online real-time analysis of bulk materials. The company manufactures a range of industrial analysers to measure the composition and moisture in mineral raw materials, including:

-         On-belt elemental analysers GEOSCAN-M for minerals, COALSCAN 9500X for coal and GEOSCAN-С for cement raw materials;

-         On-belt ash analysers COALSCAN 2100 for coal;

-         On-belt natural gamma analysers MINERALSCAN 1500 for minerals, IRONSCAN 1500 for iron ore and COALSCAN 1500 for coal;

-         On-belt microwave moisture analysers TBM series;

-         On-belt conductive material moisture analysers CM 100;

-         Through bin moisture analysers ReadiMoist;

-         Carbon in fly ash analysers CIFA 350;

-         Stockpile management and proportioning software BLENDSCAN for coal and cement raw materials.

SCANTECH has supplied in excess of 1,000 analysers to 55 countries.

10 May 2018

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RIT Automation is the major integrator of the automation solutions for the mining companies that specialize in open pit mining, both in Russia and outside of it. 

Behind the company, there’s more than 10 years of successful partnerships with leading manufacturers of automated management systems (Wenco, MotionMetrics, VEI, Omnicomm, Orlaco and others), which lets RIT Automation to offer the whole specter of services from consulting to implementation and following support of the systems on-site.

The area of automation expertise includes projects on Automated Management of Transport-Shovel Fleet, Automated Management of Drilling and Blasting, Positioning and Activity Dispatching for Mobile Personnel, as well as analysis of the rock fragmentation together with health monitoring for shovel teeth and loaders.

RIT Automation’s subsidiary company Mobilteck designs and manufactures the equipment that is suited for use in oil and mining industries, construction, transportation and logistics, military.

This industrial equipment includes rugged computers and monitors, voltage converters and fuse blocks, rugged all-in-one computers, etc. More than 400 pieces of equipment are already in use on-site of the customers.

28 February 2018
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OOO “HENNLICH” is a part of the international group of companies HENNLICH, it is a process equipment supplier for coal mining, metallurgical, chemical, mineral resource, cement, food industries. Company profile - development and supply of water- and dust suppression systems, aeration, industrial and transport systems, production and realization of hydraulic components for the mining industry, rubber products for heavy hydraulics, service and re-equipment of press-forging plant, lubrication technology and components for central system of lubrication, flexible cable channels (energy chains), polymer bearings, bellows systems and mechanisms, hydraulic control systems for shaft supports, industrial pumps.

22 February 2018
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In the period from 7 to 9 November an exhibition “Ural MINING ‘18” – the international industrial project of the Ural region in the area of technologies, equipment, special equipment for enterprises of mining-metallurgical complex, existing since 2006 – will be held at “ Ekaterinburg-EXPO”.

With the assistance of:

- Ministry of industry and science of Sverdlovsk region

- Institute of Mining, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

- Institute of Metallurgy, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

- Mining Association of the Ural region

- Union of engineering companies of Sverdlovsk Region

Main topics of the exhibition:
• Mining & minerals exploration;
• Surface & underground mining;
• Production & processing of minerals;
• Transportation of minerals;
• Power supply of mining enterprises;
• Laboratory equipment of mining enterprises;
• Explosive processes and technologies;
• Safety of mining industry;
• Engineering environment protection in mining;
• Construction technology for mining.

In the business program of the exhibition: conferences, seminars, round tables, presentations.

CEOs, directors and engineers of open mining and minerals enrichment companies, underground mining, project works, construction of mining industry facilities, gold mining companies, also representatives of exploration, geodesy, smelting and metals refining companies.

We would be glad to see you among the participants of the XI specialized exhibition «Ural MINING' 18»!

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